3 steps to reconnect with your passions

Is life feeling a bit flat and unstimulating? Are you agitated and moody? When was the last time you purposefully reflected on how you spend your leisure?  This could be the solution. 

Life feels so much more fluent and smooth when we follow our passions – I’m referring to things like art classes, singing, dancing, social meet-ups, book clubs, travelling etc. Hobbies, interests and passions are part of our value system and need to be looked after! 

I have neglected this important part of life recently. Life got in the way. I managed to push these things to be bottom of my priorities list. It’s ironic – creativity is one of my values and I know the importance of honouring those. And yet, I chose to prioritise Netflix and scrolling through social media over quality time that energises me. 

Are you familiar with any of those reasons that stop you from pursuing your passions?

Here are some practical steps of how to stop procrastinating and get into action

1)    List your curiosities

I’m using the broader term ‘curiosities’ here as often, we don’t even know what our passions/interests/hobbies are. Curiosities are things that grab our attention, and we have an inkling that we could enjoy doing those.  

A couple of my curiosities are painting (although I have never been good at it) and singing, the latter being what I acted on as a result of feeling a bit flat and demotivated. 

2)    Set aside time to research 

Finding a course or programme, an event or opportunity is obviously a key part of turning a curiosity into reality and this part requires some research. Before it becomes overwhelming though, I recommend to set aside 20 minutes of your day and dedicate this time to it. This short amount of time could make all the difference!

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3)    Pick one for the front burner 

In one of my first coaching courses, I learned about the concept of front burners and back burners. Rather than throwing ideas away altogether, we put them on the back burner to give others priority for a specific amount of time. You may, for example, decide to prioritise a new sport for a season, allowing you to experience your relationship with it and how important it is to you. 

If this content resonates and you would like support with a similar topic, let’s connect and have a chat. 

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