Personal & career change coaching

Individual coaching for people wanting to get clarity, create lasting change and reach goals
they have set for themselves, both personally and professionally.

Career change

Are you feeling stuck in a job you don’t enjoy? Are you ready to move on and progress into something more fulfilling, but don’t know where to start?

In a structured, 12-session career change programme, I will help you understand what you want from your career and how to navigate the next steps. We will work through understanding your values, strengths, skills, and passions, both personally and in a work setting. We will explore career possibilities as well as drawing up an action plan to help you to reach your goals.

Personal coaching

Personal coaching offers a safe, confidential and professional space where you get to explore what is truly important to you. We will uncover your personal traits, such as values, strengths and motivators, to allow you to make more resonant choices in life.

I will help you understand your vision and how to build the bridge from where you are now to where you want to be.

From the first minute of our first meeting, Aurelia’s calming presence put me at ease and made me feel comfortable opening up about difficult issues. She is a great listener.

Jack B., senior content strategist

About me

I’m Aurelia, certified personal and career change coach since 2016, after having pursued a career in the corporate world. I’m passionate about helping people create a more fulfilling lifestyle and transition into work they love.

Getting started

I’m currently not taking on any new clients. Please get in touch again in January 2024, to arrange a free 30-minute consultation.


Aurelia Rogalli

Personal & career change coach
London, UK