Aurelia Rogalli | Certified Life & Career Coach


Are you feeling stuck and longing for clarity and direction? Do you lack the confidence to pursue what you really want in life? Work with me on a 1:1 basis to create lasting change.

Career Coaching

  • Are you considering a change to your work? Perhaps you are dissatisfied in your current employment, going for a promotion or want to set up your own venture?
  • Wanting structure and support in reaching your goals?
  • Considering self-employment or setting up your own business?

Personal development

  • Are you looking for more joy and fulfilment in life?
  • Are you at a crossroad and looking for direction?
  • Wanting a healthier work life balance?

Post maternity confidence coaching

  • Returning to work but feel unconfident?
  • Have your priorities changed and you need clarity?


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Jason, 35, Commercial Strategy Manager

My coaching sessions with Aurelia gave me the structure and forum I desperately needed to make sense of my challenges. Aurelia showed great passion, empathy and support during our time together, but equally set challenges, maintained focus and helped to compartmentalise anything that wasn’t constructive. I expect to continue to use the wide array of tools and concepts Aurelia taught for the rest of my days. I am thankful for our time together and the exciting opportunities it has helped to unfold.