Career change

A structured 12-session programme for when you feel stuck in your job and you want to find a fulfilling career that matches with your personal traits.

Doesn’t it feel frustrating to be in a career that you know isn’t right for you but you don’t know how to move away from it? It feels depressing to be stuck in a job where you constantly overthink and overanalyse every move you make. It drains your energy and creates stress, anxiety and constant headache. 

You feel disconnected from colleagues and people around you. You yearn to offload with somebody who will listen and while they do sympathise, nothing actually changes.

After yet another unsatisfying day, you want to switch off and forget about the difficulties at work, but instead you start complaining and keep dwelling on the frustrations. Your leisure time is hijacked by resentment about your career and it seems to encroach on all aspects of your life, both professional and personal. It feels like there is no escape. 

Does this sound familiar?

You may have tried speaking with your manager about your frustrations. It felt good to find the courage and open up. They might well have changed things around a bit to support you, yet still, you yearn for something different. That sense of fulfilment you desperately crave still eludes you.  

It’s likely you spent hours on search engines looking for alternative jobs. There may be some interesting roles out there but the only perspective you seem to be able to take is one of pessimism and one that shines a light on what you believe you lack in skills and experience. 

The idea of reading self-help books seemed logical and most of the content resonated. And yet you didn’t know how to act on the advice. There is nobody holding you accountable, nobody who has your back and so your excitement and hope fades.  

You may have even tried courses that inspired you to take further action. But they somehow were not specific enough to meet your needs. 

The sessions with Aurelia allow you to discover what you truly value, your strengths, passions and then mapping out what you want from your life and career. 

Emilia (27)

Clarity on your strengths, skills, and values allows you to create a fulfilling career path.

In order to get unstuck, you will need clarity on your traits that compose your unique personality. You will need a sounding board to brainstorm and bounce off ideas for a potential new career that is aligned with your personal traits. Someone to push you through challenging conversations and hold you accountable for actions and goals. Someone who can see the vision you have of your future and who allows you to dream.

During the first half of my career, I organised events around Europe. My work was diverse, challenging, and allowed me to travel the world. Back then, however, I felt overworked, stressed, and hardly found any time to appreciate life outside of work. I blamed company politics and people around me for my unhappiness.

My deep frustrations about work led me to take action. I took time off work to find out what was missing in my career and what I needed to change to become a happier person.

With the help of various courses and personal coaches, I started on an intense, emotional but also deeply satisfying journey that allowed me to pursue a career that is aligned with my values, that gives me meaning, and challenges me in the right way. Building deep relationships and supporting other individuals going through a similar journey fulfils me with gratitude and purpose.

In 2016 I trained with the renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI) to become a professional coach. With a little coaching experience under my belt, I got the official credentials and also certified with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Later on, I fine-tuned my career coaching skills with Fireworks, who specialise in teaching experienced coaches a proven framework for those wanting a career change. 

My coaching sessions with Aurelia came at just the right time for me to assist me with a profound transition and to help me be much more grounded and stable.

Julie, trainer wellness and well-being coach

A tried and tested framework

The 12-session programme consists of 3 stages: Explore, Dream, and Discover

The EXPLORE stage (6-8 sessions) focuses on who you are and your resources. We will clarify your values, passions, strengths, skills, interests and achievements so that you are clear about what you must have in your career to be fulfilled.

During the DREAM stage (2 sessions), we will get creative and brainstorm career options that align with what you uncovered during the first stage. This stage is about unlimited possibilities, thinking outside the box, and literally dreaming up your ideal career future. 

The third stage, DISCOVER (2-4 sessions), is about narrowing down possibilities and closing the gap between where you are right now and your career vision. We will compose an action plan that details how you go about your career change. 

Logistics & investment

Sessions are 1 hour long except for the first one, which will be 1.5 – 2 hours. Most people prefer a weekly or bi-weekly interval, however this depends on how much time you have available to work towards your goals.

In addition to the coaching sessions, there is time commitment required to work on exercises between sessions.

We meet via zoom or in person in my office in Richmond. The cost of the programme is £1,740. 

Why not arrange a free, non-committal 30 minute phone call where we discuss your current situation and what you would like to achieve. This gives you the opportunity to assess if my career coaching programme is the right fit. 

I’m currently not taking on any new clients. Please get in touch again in 2024.

With Aurelia’s help I was able to realise the things that matter to me the most and the things of which I am ready or preparing to let go of.



What is coaching?

There are several analogies to describe what coaching is. My perhaps favourite is peeling the onion, where we strip down layer after layer until we reach the core; The heart of the matter. Coaching is a process where the coach asks thought-provoking questions and uses powerful tools, such as visualisations and deep enquiries, that increase your self-awareness. The coach helps you to clarify your values, motivators, strengths and other relevant information about yourself. We will work on what is holding you back and how to overcome such obstacles. This deep learning about yourself brings to light what is meaningful and important to you and enables you to make lasting changes.

Who are your clients?

They are in their late 20’s and 30’s, stuck in a job they are no longer convinced of or have already bravely resigned, and are ready to invest time and energy into their career. They understand that personal development work is the foundation for a sustainable career change.

What if I cannot commit to 12 sessions?

While I recommend investing the time in this transformation programme, not everyone can afford the time or money. I do offer a career change programme in 9 sessions where there will be more homework to be done in between sessions and shorter time devoted to certain exercises during the session.

Can you help with my CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter?

My career change programme is designed to help clients find a career that is aligned with their personal values, strengths and motivators. This is what we will focus on during the programme. Clients are welcome to book additional sessions afterwards to check in on their goals from the action plan or go through the cover letter, CV and LinkedIn profile.