I’m a passionate coach, a solopreneur, a mother of two beautiful children, and a wife. I try to live a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular workouts, which I offset with the occasional glass of red wine and dark chocolate. Quality time with my friends is very important to me. Coaching is one of my many pursuits in life and I feel privileged to work with a bunch of amazing clients and fellow coaches. That’s where I stand today.

I grew up in Germany, studied in the Netherlands and moved to London in my 20’s. During the first good chunk of my career I organised football tournaments, gala events, and meetings all around Europe – a glamorous life so people thought. My work was diverse, challenging, and every day was different. I got to travel the planet (or at least a few countries) and spent a good amount of time in interesting hotels. This time of my life equipped me with some very important skills and tools to eventually set up my own venture, which I’m truly grateful for. Back then, however, I felt overworked, stressed, and hardly found any time to appreciate life outside of work.

I blamed company politics and people around me for my unhappiness. Despite changing jobs a few times, nothing seemed to take that burden off of me.

Approaching my 30th birthday, it was time for me to start taking control over my well-being. I joined a career change programme at Escape the City and hired a coach. Lots of events unfolded from this; I went freelancing in my existing role and reduced my working days to devote time to personal development. I spent my free time researching myself; learning about my strengths, skills, values, and passions. I learned what really matters to me and how I can bring this back into my life.

In 2016, I joined the renowned Co-active coaching course and was privileged to work with my first client during the course. With a little more coaching experience under my belt, I got the official credentials through CTI and ICF and later on trained to fine-tune my career coaching skills with Fireworks.

Before becoming a coach, I have worked in the corporate industry in events management for over 6 years. I completed a Bachelor degree in Media-and Entertainment Management followed by a Masters degree in Social Entrepreneurship.


  • 2016 Coach Training Programme, Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
  • 2017 Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC), Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
  • 2018 Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • 2019 Licensed Firework Career Coach, Careershifters