My Story

I had a wonderful childhood; Growing up in the middle of beautiful countryside with three siblings I hold dear. I had the privilege to go to university and choose what I wanted to get further education on. Back then, I was told I was great at organising, structuring and communications and so chose the profession of an events manager.

I spent my 20s organising football tournaments, gala events, and meetings all around Europe – a glamorous life so people thought. My work was diverse, challenging, and every day was different. I got to travel the planet and spent my life in exciting hotels.

I am deeply grateful for this experience. It equipped me with everything I needed to start my own successful venture; But this is only know now!

Back then, I felt overworked, stressed, and hardly found any time to appreciate life outside of work. I blamed company politics and people around me for my unhappiness. Despite changing jobs a few times, nothing seemed to take that burden off me.

Approaching my 30th birthday, I knew it was time for me to start taking charge of my life. I joined a career change programme at Escape the City and hired a fantastic coach. Lots of events unfolded from this; I went freelancing in my existing role and was still able to support my time off. I spent my free time researching myself; learning about my strengths, skills, values, and passion. I reconnected with what truly matters to me and learned tons about who I am.

This transition from corporate life to running my own business was probably one of the hardest things I have done. But despite the challenges it felt deeply rewarding.

Today, I help people find their own journey through 1:1 coaching and have co-founded Create my career, where we support a community through their career shift. I look back at the past couple of years with deep gratitude for the experience and people I had the privilege to connect with.




I am Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF).


Before becoming a coach, I have worked in the corporate industry in events management for over 6 years. I completed a Bachelor degree in Media-and Entertainment Management followed by a Masters degree in Social Entrepreneurship.