Am I the only one without a passion?

An important part of a healthy work life balance is dedicating some of your time to doing something you love. This is commonly labelled as your passion. 

Do you notice everyone around you having a thing – like a sport they are really committed to, an environmental concern they research all the time, or an intimidating interest in steam engines? You catch yourself wondering if you’re the only one on this planet earth who doesn’t have a passion?

You’re not alone. I’m not fully aware of my passions yet and neither are my clients when they start working with me. But we dedicate a good chunk of time during my Career change programme to this topic, to get answers and a full clarity. 

Why? Because doing more of the things you love is a game changer! If your thing gets a space to be expressed

  • you will live your life more authentically
  • your tasks become worthy 
  • there is little room for negative chatter in your head
  • you might end up turning your thing into your career 

If you, like I, struggle with the word passion, I’d like to offer a reframe of the word. Having this one thing, this one passion, puts a lot of pressure on the subject. It also strikes me as static, something that doesn’t allow for movement or change. In the space of self-development, change is essential! 

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So instead, imagine little energy balls that start buzzing when being used. They become brighter and bigger the more they are in use. You get to have as many as you like, in all colours and sizes. This way, even if you don’t have this one thing, your activities still matter and in sum, I promise you you will end up with at least the same amount of enthusiasm for your activities as your friend who has their one passion. 

Here is how you find your little energy balls and how to turn them into something useful

When was the last time you completely lost track of time? 

If nothing comes up right away, go further back in time and revisit some childhood memories. How did you spend your time? What did you want to become when you were little? 

For me, it was only last week that I noticed some of those energy balls becoming alive. It was when I sat down to sew my son’s school bag (a German tradition for children starting school). I even traded a tempting TV night for finishing this project, which to me is a clear indicator that it doesn’t only take energy, but it gives me energy.  

What are the patterns?

When reflecting on 2 or 3 instances where you got to experience this state of flow, what are the common patterns in all of these? What did they have in common?

In my case, there is something about physically creating something with a tangible outcome. It has to be achievable and I want to see actual results that I can touch. 

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When is the next blocked hour in your calendar to do more of it? 

Who else is guilty of saying what would really make their lives better and not doing anything about it? 

Now that you know what activates your energy balls, you will actually need to get into action. We need to take it seriously and make time for it in our busy diaries. A one-off appointment is a great start – making it a weekly habit is even better.  

If this content resonates and you would like support with a similar topic, let’s connect  and have a chat. 

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