Coach in the Spotlight: Aurelia Rogalli

Career Coach Aurelia Rogalli spent her 20s organising events across the globe. By 30, the non-stop lifestyle had taken its toll, and left her craving a deeper connection with others. In our Q&A, Aurelia talks about the importance of nurturing relationships when it comes to building a coaching business. Click here to read the fullContinue reading “Coach in the Spotlight: Aurelia Rogalli”

Career coaching – what to expect

Feel lost or stuck in a job you don’t enjoy? Not sure how you ended up on your career path? Almost one third of UK employees are unhappy with their job and want more from life than being stuck and feeling unhappy. We want to feel valued and recognised, contributing to a greater cause orContinue reading “Career coaching – what to expect”

The art of achieving flow

In the attempt to understand what makes us feel happy, it seems I cannot overlook the topic of achieving flow. As several psychologists have researched, experiencing this state in which we are completely involved in what we’re doing, losing track of time, being focused, having clarity and losing our worries is a main ingredient toContinue reading “The art of achieving flow”

Building confidence in times of uncertainty

Confidence is a state of mind. A state, in which we feel we can move a mountain! In times of uncertainty, for example when considering a scary leap or when we simply don’t know the outcome of a situation, our mind means well in protecting us and therefore comes up with tons of reasons whyContinue reading “Building confidence in times of uncertainty”

Quit complaining and do something

A lot of my clients come to me because they keep catching themselves complaining. About work, certain individuals, a lack of motivation, their personal relationships or how they spend their leisure time. And while they know it is in their hands to change the situation, they struggle to break this habit of complaining. They keepContinue reading “Quit complaining and do something”

How to improve your work life balance

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash Today’s generation is struggling with a healthy work and life balance. We often work crazy hours and come home to quickly do the laundry, prepare dinner and watch some TV. On an early night, we might be lucky enough to squeeze in a phone conversation with our parents who we haven’t heardContinue reading “How to improve your work life balance”

How to close the gap between wasting time and productivity

It is really challenging to be productive these days. We all have exhaustive to do lists and try to squeeze in even more tasks into our daily lives. However, instead of just trying harder, there are more researched approaches these days that help people be more productive. For some, productivity is just ticking off asContinue reading “How to close the gap between wasting time and productivity”

Breaking the frustration cycle

Desperate for change to happen, but somehow you cannot break the cycle of procrastination? Know that there is something waiting around the corner, but you just don’t have the strength to go there? It is likely you have stumbled upon this blog because your cycle looks somehow similar. You can probably relate to the emotionsContinue reading “Breaking the frustration cycle”

5 thought-provoking questions to find your purpose

I have a love-hate relationship to those ‘success’ stories that go something like this: “When I was a teenager, I had a revelation that I simply had to become a doctor. I just knew it was my destiny to help people in crisis and since then, all my decisions and actions were led by thisContinue reading “5 thought-provoking questions to find your purpose”