3 steps to reconnect with your passions

Is life feeling a bit flat and unstimulating? Are you agitated and moody? When was the last time you purposefully reflected on how you spend your leisure? This could be the solution.

Here are 3 practical steps to stop procrastinating and get into action.

Am I the only one without a passion?

An important part of a healthy work life balance is dedicating some of your time to doing something you love. This is commonly labelled as your passion.  Do you notice everyone around you having a thing – like a sport they are really committed to, an environmental concern they research all the time, or an intimidating interestContinue reading “Am I the only one without a passion?”

Your career ladder is leaning against brittle walls

You love your job. You know you are good at it. You’re delivering great results. The praise is high and so is the financial reward. In theory, nothing to complain about, right?

But what can you do if the company is rigid or leadership engages rather in politics than in your strengths?

Not feeling authentic?

I’m questioning how I spend my time. I constantly search for new projects or hobbies to take on. I have a loud inner critic that knocks at my door about every day. It is as if I’m walking in someone else’s shoes that are giving me blisters because they are so tight.

This article is about authenticity and how to restore it if you lost touch with it.

What is a portfolio career? Am I suited for it?

When I transitioned from my corporate job into self-employment, I experienced what it’s like to have a portfolio career. My week was diverse and interesting, packed and intense, rewarding and tough.

What is a portfolio career? What are the pros and cons? What personality type is well suited for this kind of work?

The perks and challenges of self-employment

What is self-employment? What are the benefits and what’s difficult? Which character traits are needed to be successful with this work structure?

This article is about the perks and challenges of self-employment and offers a check-list where you can see if you have what it takes to become self-employed.

When should you stay in employment instead of going solo?

When should you choose employment over other working structures, such as self-employment?

Which are the traits needed to thrive as an employee?

This article reflects on the pros and cons of employment and offers a discovery check-list if you’re suited for this working structure.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Many of my clients join my career change programme with the aspiration to start their own business and I love it when this happens! But truth is, not everyone is an entrepreneur.

In this article, I want to share the benefits and things to consider in entrepreneurship as well as a discovery check-list to help you figure out if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.