Your career ladder is leaning against brittle walls

You love your job. You know you are good at it. You’re delivering great results. The praise is high and so is the financial reward. In theory, nothing to complain about, right? And yet, there is something nagging you.

In a recent conversation with my client, I learned about the concept of how one can love the job they do, but the environment they are in is failing them. Putting this into a metaphor, think of a biscuit that is crunchy and tasty, wrapped in a foil that protects it and ensures it can thrive once removed from the packaging. If this biscuit was wrapped in different type of packaging, it’ll be soggy and flat and can certainly not deliver on its full potential. 

It is frustrating when you know you’ve got the skills, you’re better than most of your colleagues, you have a slightly different approach which really seems to land with your clients. You could really make an impact and thrive..

…if it wasn’t for the company you work in, where the office culture is non-existent and where rigidity stops you from flying high.  

…or the leadership that shuts you down as they rather engage in politics than standing up for you and leveraging your true strengths. 

If you have known for some time that the environment you work in isn’t supporting your true potential, it’s time for a change. What are some small steps you could take to move into the right environment? Here are a couple of ideas. 

What motivates you at work?

Independence? Collaboration? Learning and growth? Ethical standards? Freedom? Flexibility? Excellence? Joy? Appreciation? Money? 

Reflect on which ones are your most important work motivators and compare them to your current work environment. Which ones does your workplace support and which ones are not being honoured? Make a list and ensure your future workplace supports your most important motivators. 

Where do you thrive?

In an office? In nature? In a fast or slow-paced environment? Alone or in a team? Small or large team? What values does your environment need to have? What office culture do you want? Structured or flexible organisation? Hierarchical or flat hierarchy? 

Getting clarity on those questions will help you narrow down the ideal environment where your strengths can be leveraged, and your values honoured. This information is the foundation for building new, strong walls for your career ladder to lean on. 

If this content resonates and you would like support with a similar topic, let’s connect and have a chat. 

Also, I do want to give credit to Jimmy Carr for lending me the metaphor of the walls. The observant reader of my articles may have noticed my recent obsession with Diary of a CEO. The idea for this article came from listening to Jimmy Carr on The easiest way to live a happier life

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