How to stay motivated when trying something new

Doesn’t it feel frustrating when you constantly think about a new endeavour, but for some reason you don’t act on it? Say, you have a business idea. You have already dipped your toes into the water and started your research. You already shared your plans with people and those conversations motivated you. You also experienced first setbacks that gave you a glimpse of how difficult the journey is going to be. 

Imagine you’re standing in front of a mountain. You want to get to the top very quickly, but the journey seems too hard to even try. You look to the top in the far distance and you imagine what the view will be like. It’s beautiful. It’s freeing. It’s filled with pride. 

Standing here at the bottom though, the mountain is terrifying. The path looks rocky and dangerous. You start thinking about everything you need to sacrifice in order to move forward. Savings. Job security. Your confidence and reputation is on the line, if the business fails. 

How to keep walking

Stay at it

If you have an idea and it keeps knocking at your door, don’t be put off by setbacks. Stay at it. Things won’t turn out the way you set out initially. There will be detours and challenging stretches. You may even end up on another mountain than the one you initially targeted. However, every step on the journey will give you new ideas, inspiration, connections, and the tools to move forward. Failing, learning, adjusting and asking for help is all a part of it. 


In the process of starting a new project, we often get overwhelmed with the amount of new information. Instead of confronting yourself with it all, pick one small piece that you give all your attention to. Don’t let the size of the mountain stop you from even beginning the walk. 


Disconnecting may seem controversial to focusing. It’s not. We sometimes get so muddled up in the detail of things that we lose sight of the overall objective. It may then be a good time to pause and disconnect from the topic at hand for the sake of being able to see the big picture again. 

Talk to people

The power of human connections is so underestimated. 

Share your ideas, your problems, your vulnerability with the guy you buy your coffee from and you’ll be surprised how this tiny interaction can shift your mindset. They may be in a similar situation or know someone who has been there. They may even offer you an introduction to someone who is a game changer on your journey. 

If this content resonates and you would like support with a similar topic, let’s connect and have a chat. 

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