Staying grounded while dealing with change

The pandemic is becoming part of our day-to-day life and we are getting used to living with it. Employers, however, are still struggling hugely with the consequences, partly because staff are leaving the company. 

The great resignation, a term that was created during the Pandemic, is still very much ongoing. The survey by PwC Global Workforce Hopes and Fears revealed that one in five people globally are planning to quit their job in 2022.  

We got a taste of what life is like with the flexibility of working from home. The time we usually spend commuting has given us an extra hour of sleep or quality time with our children. We can do the laundry during the lunch break or quickly run an errand. We can use our most productive hour of the day on the most important task. Time is spent more efficiently, more focused, and more tailored to each individual. This gives a sense of purpose and fulfilment, which a lot of people are seeking at work. A healthy work-life balance, fulfilment at work, the ability to be one’s true self and pay are the main drivers for people leaving their job, according to the survey. 

If you are one of those people, change is waiting around the corner, along with some of its attributes of excitement, optimism, stress, worry, and anxiety. How can you stay grounded and deal with these challenges without feeling overwhelmed? Below, I’m sharing 3 ideas, but there are many other tools that can support you during change.

Focus on personal values

Connect with your personal values and focus on what’s important to you – family, creativity, leadership, integrity, self-care, growth, fun etc. Connecting with your values gives you a sense of stability, belonging and calmness. It enables you to look beyond the immediate emotion and reminds you of your true self. 

Reframe stress

It is possible you will start feeling stressed at some point about not finding the right job, being rejected at several interviews or purely because you have made the decision to close a door. The way you react to this stress has a greater impact on your mental well-being than the stress itself. So do reflect on your relationship with this stress. What is it telling you? What is it helping you to do? Stress can be resourceful, if looked at it from a different perspective. 

Move forward

Take action and move forward. Whenever we just wait and see, time goes by very slowly and we give our sabotaging voice a lot of space to be impatient. However, if we stay active and do things, such as working towards a specific goal or mapping out a strategic plan, we get a sense of accomplishment and moved forward. A tiny action you take today may well have a great impact on your future.  

Change is powerful and often, the most difficult crises lead to the best outcomes. Therefore, embrace it, see it through and get curious about what’s on the other side.

If this content resonates and you would like support with a similar topic, let’s connect and have a chat. 

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