Notes from my clients

Interestingly I started my sessions with Aurelia out of curiosity, with no particular aim, so the rewards were unexpected.  After 48 years, I now have a life-purpose and a structure to realise it.  I have always had interests and passions and duties.  We explored these with Aurelia and somehow put them together into one vision.  Now every moment in my life is relevant, whether it’s a stressful situation at work, a relaxing evening on holidays or washing the dishes.  Each serves its purpose in my life’s vision.  Having got there, it seems obvious and simple. This is a testament to Aurelia’s skill in engaging with subtle and sensitive topics, her wealth of tools and her love of the job. Very impressed.

John, 48, Finance Director


Aurelia provided me with tools which helped to guide me through a time of flux in my life. With her help I was able to realise the things that matter to me the most and the things of which I am ready or preparing to let go of. If you are looking for someone receptive and encouraging who can create a warm space from where you can relax and think clearly about your goals and future, look no further than coaching with Aurelia.



My coaching sessions with Aurelia gave me the structure and forum I desperately needed to make sense of my challenges. Aurelia showed great passion, empathy and support during our time together, but equally set challenges, maintained focus and helped to compartmentalise anything that wasn’t constructive. I expect to continue to use the wide array of tools and concepts Aurelia taught for the rest of my days. I am thankful for our time together and the exciting opportunities it has helped to unfold.

Jason, 35, Commercial Strategy Manager


Being coached by Aurelia was a wonderful experience.  I felt a stillness coming from her that was truly refreshing and helped me to get in touch with my own stillness, which I really needed.  Aurelia really sees you, is authentic and present, and has a graceful spirit that is healing in itself.  My coaching sessions with Aurelia came at just the right time for me to assist me with a profound transition in my life and to help me be much more grounded and stable.  I would highly recommend Aurelia as a coach!

Julie, Trainer and Wellness and Well-Being Coach


Sometimes when you are feeling a little lost you wish something or someone could just guide you through a path of clarity. Aurelia has been that guiding force. I have been struggling with which career path to take next and I often felt overwhelmed by the thought process itself. Being someone who has a drive and passion for many things only contributed to feeling more lost and confused. Aurelia greatly helped me in breaking down my short and long term objectives and visualising the one big thing that truly drives my passions; whilst also reminding me to be kinder with myself. Her calm, friendly tone and great listening skills always gave me a sense of comfort. It has been a pleasure having Aurelia as my coach.

Lucy, 36, Freelance Business Consultant


I had been looking to change my life for a while without knowing where to start, I felt stuck. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to live a better life and be happier. Aurelia has been such a great help and a huge eye opener. Her kindness, her knowledge and her positive energy make every session a special moment where time seems to stop and where I can focus on myself, visualise, get new perspectives and realise that everything is possible. She is such a wonderful support to my journey to happiness, I am extremely thankful and I am looking forward to our next sessions.

Magali, 34, Freelance Events Director


Aurelia is a natural when it comes to coaching and has a wonderful ability to make you feel at ease right from the first session. She is a great listener and really takes on board everything you say to ensure that each session is personal and meaningful. I have found it very easy to open up to Aurelia and I really benefit from having a such a friendly, positive person to seek advice from and help me discover new things about myself which can be applied to my life and career. It’s great to have someone totally removed from your everyday routine to get some perspective and help with more ‘blue sky thinking’!

Anna, 25, Project Manager


When I started coaching with Aurelia I was very confused and feeling quite negative about my career prospects, as I had been stuck in a rut for some time. Aurelia has helped me to reduce the background noise and rule out unsuitable options by getting me to understand myself better and confront challenging decisions rather than shy away from them. As a result I am now much more focussed on one career path, am more confident about my prospects and comfortable in my choices.

Charlie, 32, COO in a tech startup


Aurelia is an incredibly skilled and intuitive coach. In a few short sessions she helped me to get some real clarity around what I needed to do to push myself forward and held me accountable for achieving the goals I set for myself. Her creative and supportive style is matched by her integrity and honesty. She was agile in dealing with the sticky issues and was comfortable in telling me what I needed to hear in service of moving me forward. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be coached by Aurelia. Thank you.

Jamie, 35, Freelance Consultant

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