Personal coaching

Personal coaching for when you feel lost and you want clarity, confidence and attainable goals to work towards.

Are you finding yourself in this vicious circle where you overthink everything and anxiety kicks in? Feeling flat, low and directionless is tiring. 

Do you put up a guard to cope with such situations? Do you hide from those who are usually your closest people? Do you let your sabotaging voice take control?

It is frustrating to feel out of control, as if you are unable to steer the wheel. The judgement from others becomes louder and you can only think of what you ‘should’ be doing rather than what might actually serve you. 

You feel far removed from where you want to be. Your goals seem unreachable and nothing seems to work in your favour. You question your decisions and every action is accompanied by fear of failure. You are longing for fulfilment, meaning and balance in life.

Does this sound familiar?

You may have tried searching for new hobbies, in the hope this would give you a sense of fulfilment. But pushing yourself to attend something new costs too much effort. 

You may have watched inspiring TED talks and attended workshops. They were uplifting and you felt inspired to move forward. But you were missing personalised direction and concrete goals to work towards.

You tried talking with friends or family. They gave you suggestions and tips on what you should do, but none of it really seemed to be the solution for your doubts. These people want the best for you and so you felt their suggestions were biassed.

My coaching sessions with Aurelia gave me the structure and forum I desperately needed to make sense of my challenges.

Jason, 35, commercial strategy manager

What will work is a safe, confidential and professional coaching relationship.

You need a space where you get to speak about your individual concerns in a non judgemental environment over the course of 3 – 6 months.

A coach listens attentively, holds up a mirror to allow you to see your true self and helps you uncover and be more aligned with your values to increase your confidence.  

I live a healthy lifestyle, love my work and try to be an attentive mother to my children. I devote time to myself and to my social life.

Balance gives me focus. Focus allows me to achieve my goals, most of the time. I know this today, after having invested in my personal development and gone through an entire career change a few years back. 

I can relate to the pain people feel by not living their authentic life, as I have experienced it too.

Thanks to a fantastic coaching programme through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), I learned the tools to professionally guide people through transitions and help them come alive again. I obtained official credentials through the International Coach Federation (ICF) shortly after and continued my personal and professional development through further mentoring and coaching courses.

Logistics and investment

Each hour-long session will focus on your agenda and what feels most important for you at that time. 

We work via zoom or in person in my Richmond office for a minimum of 3 months in weekly or bi-weekly intervals. 

The cost for a 3 months engagement of 6 sessions is £870 and 6 months engagement of 12 sessions £1,740.

This is a testament to Aurelia’s skill in engaging with subtle and sensitive topics, her wealth of tools and her love of the job. Very impressed.

John, 48, finance director


What is coaching?

Coaching is a process where the coach asks thought-provoking questions and uses powerful tools, such as visualisations and deep enquiries, that increase your self-awareness. The coach helps you to clarify your values, motivators, strengths and other relevant information about yourself. We will work on what is holding you back and how to overcome such obstacles. This deep learning about yourself brings to light what is meaningful and important to you and enables you to align your actions accordingly.

What problems do clients bring to personal coaching?

Balancing work and life, becoming parents and dealing with new priorities and change, feeling unfulfilled and lost, being at a crossroads, perhaps in regard to the career, wanting more joy in life, and needing accountability for reaching goals

Who are your clients?

They are in their late 20’s and 30’s, feeling trapped and unable to get out of the vicious circle by themselves. They have tried a number of things but haven’t had any success yet in getting unstuck. They are willing to invest time and energy in themselves and are ready to share vulnerability with an outside expert.