What is coaching?

There are several analogies to describe what coaching is. My perhaps favourite is peeling the onion, where we strip down layer after layer until we reach the core; The heart of the matter. 

Coaching is a process where the coach asks thought-provoking questions and  uses powerful tools, such as visualisations and deep enquiries, that increase your self-awareness. The coach helps you to clarify your values, motivators, strenghts and other relevant information about yourself. We will work on what is holding you back and how to overcome such obstacles. This deep learning about yourself brings to light what is meaningful and important to you and enables you to make good choices.

If you are curious about the coaching process and to figure out if it is for you, I welcome you to book a free 30 mins call where we clarify any questions and experience coaching. 

Who am I?

I’m a passionate coach, a solopreneur, a mother of two beautiful children, and a wife. I try to live a life in which I am true to myself, meaning that everything I do meets with my values. In a work context, I endeavour to do meaningful work that has a lasting impact on others. I value a healthy work life balance and independence. When spending time with my kids, I try to be present and engage in their activities.

I often fail to deliver on some of the above intentions. And when I do, I remind myself that every day I get to reset and start over again.  

That’s in a nutshell where I stand today. You can read more about my background here. 

Who are you?

You are in your 30’s or 40’s, in a job or out of job, but ready to make changes to the status quo. You may be wondering how to feel more happy and content, perhaps in a work context or personally. You may want to clarify what your strengths and values are, how you can motivate yourself and how to be more in agreement with the choices you make. 

Or, you have been on maternity or parental leave and feel insecure about returning to work. There are lots of things to juggle now and you might be keen to prioritise family and work related tasks. 

There are lots of reasons to do coaching. 

I particularly enjoy working with people who are brave enough to show up as who they really are. My clients are open-minded, brave, reflected and committed to change.

Browse through the testimonials to see how my clients have benefited from coaching.

Costs and investment

Everyone has a different needs in coaching and prices are tailored to every individual. This will depend on the speed, duration and objectives. The below costs are a guideline only and subject to individual requirements. They reflect my experience as a coach as well as the various trainings and coaching certifications I have acquired over the years.

Career coaching programme
  • 12 hourly video call sessions (first session may take up to 2 hours)
  • Exercises, homework, access to resources
  • E-mail and what’s app support in between sessions
  • Working through a structured, tried and tested career coaching programme

Total cost: £1,740

Life coaching
  • An agreed number of hourly video call sessions (first session may take up to 2 hours)
  • Exercises, homework, access to resources
  • E-mail and what’s app support in between sessions

Cost per session: £145

Your investment

In addition to the financial investment, coaching requires you to commit to time, energy and exercises/homework to be done in between the sessions. Every coaching journey is unique and I endeavour to tailor every coaching programme around individual needs and commitments. The more time and energy you can invest, the more and quicker you will see the results.

Next step

Book your free consultation to clarify any questions, to get an experience of coaching, and to discuss what kind of coaching might be best suited. It is also an opportunity to see if we have good chemistry and together, we can design a coaching programme to meet with your needs.

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