What is coaching?

In coaching, I use a holistic approach called Co-active coaching that brings together the elements of being and doing. This creates a resourceful balance that allows you to tap into your own resources for the purpose of creating a lifestyle that meets with your personal values. By using creative tools, visualisations, and asking powerful questions, you will be challenged to move out of your comfort zone in order to move forward and take action towards a more resonating life.

Is coaching for you?

  • Are you considering a change to your work? Perhaps you are dissatisfied in your current employment, going for a promotion or want to set up your own venture?
  • Curious to expand your personal lifestyle?
  • Are you stuck, stressed and looking to clarify how to approach a challenge?
  • Wanting structure and support in reaching your goals?
  • Are you at a crossroad and unsure which path to take?
  • Do you want more from life but don’t know where to start?
  • Lost confidence and looking to become strong again?

If any of these topics catch your attention, you’re in the right place.

Dynamic dialogues, creative approaches within conversations and practical tools will help you to win back the balance in life that is needed to be at your best. From this new place of increased confidence and sense of satisfaction, you will be able to use your own resources to build a lifestyle on your terms.

Who are my clients?

I particularly enjoy working with people with big ambitions in life. My clients are open-minded, brave, reflected and committed to change.

Having come from a corporate background and transitioned into entrepreneurship myself, I particularly enjoy working with people who work hard in order to create a fulfilling lifestyle that is in line with their passion.

My clientele ranges from ambitious individuals to entrepreneurs and leaders in the corporate environment.

See here what my clients say about coaching with me.

How does it practically work?

After an initial free, non-obligation conversation where we explore your challenges and address any coaching-related questions, we decide if we want to engage in a coaching relationship.

Coaching takes place either in person (Richmond, London) or over Skype. Coaching packages range from 3-6 months. After a rigorous discovery session there will be bi-weekly appointments of 1 hour long sessions.

How to start?

Browse through my site to get a feel for my coaching style. See what others say about coaching with me. Read about my background and get inspiration from my blogs.

When you are ready, get in touch to arrange an initial consultation session – this is complimentary and without any obligation. It gives both of us the opportunity to see we align and if we are a good fit.