Books to read

There is nothing like a good read during holidays that inspires you to change the world when you get back! While this may be a huge mission, baby steps are the start to transformational change, so let me invite you to make a start today.

aaron-burden-238711Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Laurent Gounelle | The man who risked it all

This book has been recommended by one of my clients. The book is about a young unhappy man who is being rescued by a stranger and accepts to do everything the stranger asks him to. The story shows how far we can go when we stop being afraid.

John Gray | What you feel you can heal

A book recommendation by one of my valued clients. The author explains where our feelings come from in a very simple way and how to get a better relationship with yourself and others. It provides learning about ourselves and those around us.

Don Miguel Ruiz | The four agreements

Another recommendation by one of my clients. The author reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob our joy. He offers 4 simple but powerful codes of conduct that can make a big difference to our experience of freedom and love.

Mark Manson | The subtle art of not giving a f*ck

Despite a rather sarcastic view point every now and then, the author makes an excellent case about the importance of values. He offers inspiring food for thought on what kind of values result in long-term satisfaction. I found it so inspiring that I dedicated my longest blog to date to it, titled Beginners guide to happiness.

Eckhart Tolle | Practicing the power of now

This rather spiritual book is incredibly helpful on the journey of getting more present and connected with ourselves. If you haven’t done any sort of mindfulness or meditation before it may be too intense, however it is a great addition to any kind of spiritual practice.

John Williams | Screw work, let’s play

The author of this book escaped corporate life to build an independent career on his own terms. The core messages are around steps how to have a more playful career. What inspired me about it are all the individual stories of people who turned their passion into their living.

Escape the City | The Escape Manifesto: Quit your corporate job. Do something different!

If you had a chance to read My Story, you will have seen that I joined an incredible 3-months Tribe experience that was all about reevaluating my career choices. The founders of the organisation behind this Tribe, Escape the City, wrote this inspiring user manual about their personal experiences and tips & tools how to start your escape.

Paulo Coelho | The Alchemist

If you haven’t yet, make sure you read this book about a shepherd on the search of his life treasure. It’s a beautifully written story that reminds us of the importance of listening to our hearts, to the omens that life reveals to us and above all, following our dreams.

Gerad Kite | Everything you need you have

This book resonated with me (and with what my clients deal with) and so many levels. It reminds us of how to be ‘at home’ with ourselves. I’d suggest to read the first few pages and you will immediately get addicted to the many truths the author names.


If you have any stories, books, talks, articles or anything that truly inspired you, I’d love to hear about it! Get in touch and share your inspiration with like-minded people.

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